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Personal Document Organizer.




Personal Document Organizer - Quick Comparison

Basic v1.32 Lite v1.32 Standard v3.00
Search the web (Google, Yahoo or MSN) in addition to search the database new v3.00    
Document prototypes and new document based on prototypes new v3.00    
Restore documents as a new entry in the database new v3.00    
Remove archive/migrate versions  new v3.00    
Enhancements to Archive/Migrate  new v3.00    
Relabel media  new v3.00    
Search - set keywords from Global Keyword list new v2.55    
Tips of the day new v2.55    
Auto Start Option new v2.55    
Repair and validate DB  new v2.55    
Popup Reminder & To-do (Sticky Notes)  new v2.55    
Relocate files to a directory v2.5    
Global keyword table v2.5    
Keyword and Editor tabs v2.5    
Drag and drop of text v2.5    
Validate - missing files v2.5    
Publish to a directory v2.5    
Browse files and folder using "My network places" v2.5    
Auto create folders while registering new files. v2.5    
Encryption/decryption v2.1    
Association v2.1    
Assciation and Reference tabs v2.1    
Systray access v2.1    
Editor for Notes and Annotations v2.1    
Show selected item types v2.1    
Icons for reminder, notes, etc. v2.1    
Predefined Cabinet and Folders
Create new databases    
Create new cabinets    
Create new folders  
Register new documents, photographs, files, email messages etc.  
Register links to web resources.  
Create Notes, Reminders, To-Do's.
Register Paper Documents.
Register Misc. items.
Open documents, photographs, music files, email messages etc.
Display and edit properties.
Archive (Copy) documents, photographs, files, email messages etc.
Migrate (Move) documents, photographs, files, email messages etc.    
Publish documents, photographs, files, email messages etc.    
Keyword assignment.
Search by Name, date, Keyword and Description.
Search across multiple databases and multiple criteria.    
Print Reports.  
Annotation - view and update.
Annotation - new.  
Drag and Drop files from Windows Explorer.  
Password protection of the database.
Restore any version of a migrated/archived document.  
Scan for new/modified documents, photographs, files, email messages etc.  
Quicklinks  to any cataloged item (fast access).
Open an existing database.
Copy (reference) an item in a folder to another folder.
Delete an item from the catalog.
Move an item from one folder to another folder.
Changes to a cataloged item are reflected in all referenced items.
Auto create folders  
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Personal Document Organizer.

Personal Document Organizer.

Version 3.6.1068 of PDO Standard and Lite released, 1/9/06

Version 3.4.992 of PDO Standard released, 8/23/05.

For student, academic and non-profit institution discounts contact sales.

Version 3.00 of PDO Standard released, 10/28/04.

Version 2.55 of PDO Standard released, 5/6/04.

Version 2.5 of PDO Standard released, 3/15/04.

Version 2.1 of PDO standard released, 7/12/03

Active Disk PDO released, 4/20/03

Active Disk PDOview  version of Iomega Active Disk released, 4/8/03

Version 1.32 of Personal Document Organizer released.  New features include compression and auto creation of folders to map explorer heirarchy, 3/16/03.

Insoft releases Personal Document Organizer version 1.2, with drag and drop support. 

Insoft introduces PDO, an easy to use software, to organize, manage and locate documents, electronic files, digital photographs, email messages, reminders, to-do, notes, links to web resources, and other important information.

The software is available free for thirty day trial. After the trial period the software can still be used to manage notes, reminders, paper documents, miscellaneous items etc.


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