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Forms Design

Insoft provides Forms Design services for conversion of paper forms to electronic using Structured Document Template Designer.  Insoft has experience and has designed a large number of multi-page forms for the Indian Tax Revenue Service, Customs, Import and Export, Company law.  Most of these forms are multi-page forms and are available as a package for accountants, tax professionals and company secretaries.

Contact Us, for more information or send us copies of the forms for an estimate.  We can also design forms using other Forms Automation software.

Key Benefits

bulletAvailability of experienced personnel in designing complex multi-page forms.
bulletForms designed at a fraction of the cost.
bulletForms available sooner for use within your organization.
bulletFixed price based on the number of pages of all forms.
Insoft Technologies, Inc. News

Version 3.6.1068 of PDO Standard and Lite released, 1/9/06

Version 3.4.992 of PDO Standard released, 8/23/05.

For student, academic and non-profit institution discounts contact sales.

Version 3.00 of PDO Standard released, 10/28/04.

Version 2.55 of PDO Standard released, 5/6/04.

Version 2.5 of PDO Standard released, 3/15/04.

Version 2.1 of PDO standard released, 7/12/03

Active Disk PDO released, 4/20/03

Active Disk PDOview  version of Iomega Active Disk released, 4/8/03

Version 1.32 of Personal Document Organizer released.  New features include compression and auto creation of folders to map explorer heirarchy, 3/16/03.

Insoft releases Personal Document Organizer version 1.2, with drag and drop support. 

Insoft introduces PDO, an easy to use software, to organize, manage and locate documents, electronic files, digital photographs, email messages, reminders, to-do, notes, links to web resources, and other important information.

The software is available free for thirty day trial. After the trial period the software can still be used to manage notes, reminders, paper documents, miscellaneous items etc.

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